• BensTechTips Donations

    Since we've upgraded the BensTechTips Community to a newer core version, we're unable to integrate the Donation Tracker at this time. This feature will be restored very soon. For now, we've enabled PayPal donations and also BitCoin donations using the following buttons.

    PayPal Donation:

    We currently accept donations via PayPal in either US Dollars (USD) or GB Sterling (GBP). Please click the respective button below.

  • Donation via PayPal in USD



  • Donation via PayPal in GBP



  • Bitcoin Donation

    We also accept donations via Bitcoin. Please send any donations that you have to the following Bitcoin address.





    All of our donations go back into improving the BensTechTips community and associated YouTube channel. If you need more information about donations, please use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page.

    Thanks again,

    Ben (BensTechTips)