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  1. TechGeek added an answer to a question Windows 8.1 starting to factory reset, but them fails!   

    Hi trixxplays
    I'd be happy to help assist you with your issue. Can you provide more details on the failure (Windows BSOD, POST failure, etc)?
    Can you also provide the Debug Code? This code should be the last code seen before the failure. This can usually be found at the bottom-right of the screen or on the 2-digit display on the mother board during boot-up.
    Best Regards
  2. TechGeek added a question in Web Hosting Talk   

    [Poll] Best SSL Authority
    Which one would you prefer?
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  3. TechGeek added an answer to a question How to make your SSD boot windows and not you HHD   

    I would recommend keeping a backup of your files first before continuing, you know, just in case.
    Firstly, backup the files you wish to use that is on the HDD somewhere else.
    Next, you would need to install Windows 10 onto the SSD with the installation disk or the bootable stick (whichever method you normally use).
    Afterwards, remove unecessary hard drives plugged in other than the SSD and the HDD then format the hard disk drive (HDD).
    To format the HDD,
    1. Open Disk Managment by pressing Win+R then type "diskmgmt.msc" (without quotes) followed by ENTER.
    2. Find the HDD from the list, right-click the icon then click "format". If there is no such option, right-click and delete the individual partitions.
    3. Create a new partition by right-clicking the empty HDD space and configuring the name and drive letter.
    Afterwards, you should be done. You now have Windows 10 on your SSD and you can store your files on the HDD that appears in Windows Explorer
  4. TechGeek added a question in Operating Systems and Software   

    [Quick Overview] Is Windows 10 Worth Downloading?
    Windows 10. Worth the upgrade?
    So what has changed?
    Well, alot. Alongside with the pesky bugs too. But wait! Don't let that fool you. Because, well, let's be honest; everything has bugs. Even little ones. But let's get the Bugs Q&A out of the way first.
    Q: Does everything work?
    A: Yes! They do! So much, you'll not notice any issues! Unlike Windows 8's fatal issue, Microsoft has not changed much with the actual base of Windows 8. So, if your apps and games work on Windows 8.1, it shall work on Windows 10! I tried several games such as League of Legends, World of Tanks, Warface and along with Grand Theft Auto V. They all work as they should.
    Q: Did you over-exaggerate in the last answer?
    A: No. I meant it.
    Q: Drivers, do they work?
    A: Most of them do. But some like Lenovo's, didn't work at first. But now, they do! Just check with your manufacturer of the peripheral or product that requires the driver.
    Q: Any major bugs?
    A: No. Actually, I never had any bugs! Just don't install too many programs (250 to be exact) otherwise the Start Menu will start acting up. This should be fixed in the Threshold 2 update for Windows 10.
    Have anymore Q&A on bugs? Let us know!
    So, what's different? We'll find out after I type the rest of the article!
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  5. TechGeek added a post in a topic Hi all. New to the website and trying to get answers to my problem. Need help.   

    Windows 10's File Explorer should be able to unzip ".zip" files. If you have files with the extensions ".rar" or ".7z", you will need to install WinRar or 7Zip. Both of these are free for their basic functions.
    By the way, are you still having issues? If not, please indicate so that we can take appropreate action with this post.
  6. TechGeek added a post in a topic isssuees in windows 8.1 pro   

    Hi bsteel42,
    If you ordered your copy of Windows online (directly from Microsoft), you may still be able to recover the product key from the email. If you no longer have the email, you should contact Microsoft's support center hotline. The local number can be found from this list: If you did not order online, I unfortunately can't provide you with the key (as that would be illegal).
  7. TechGeek added a topic in General Discussion   

    [POLL] Who would be upgrading to Windows 10 for Phones?
    It's just a native poll
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  8. TechGeek added a post in a topic unable to change pc brightness and usb error code   

    Hi nickson128
    I believe that Windows was trying to communicate with your phone but failed. Try updating the driver associated with your phone (if any) or shutdown your computer entirely (along with turning off the power supply or battery) then try starting up again. This is an easy fix that works sometimes.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to find a fix for your brightness issue.
  9. TechGeek added a post in a topic isssuees in windows 8.1 pro   

    Are you still active on this post? If not, please let us know so that we can take appropriate action.
  10. TechGeek added an answer to a question Automatically Redirect to the /OwnCloud in Apache   

    I think this is more like "How to edit your index page and add a refresh meta tag to redirect to /owncloud" as that's what you're doing. Nevertheless, great tutorial.
  11. TechGeek added an answer to a question DigitalOcean - Speedtests and Server CPU Info (All Regions)!   

    Much faster than my 200mb/s internet ;D
  12. TechGeek added an answer to a question "Windows 8 / 8.1 'Insert Media' Message Fix (Easy)" Problem...   

    Hi etyery511
    May I know what method of recovery are you doing (recovery cd, bootable usb etc.) and your purpose of recovery (Windows failure etc.)?
  13. TechGeek added an answer to a question XHTML(5) vs HTML5   

    I actually am using Adobe Dreamweaver CC and Adobe Fireworks CS6 (as no newer versions were made) ever since I gave up trying to solve the prefix crisis with CSS  . In fact, I am making two more posts on Adobe and CSS!
  14. TechGeek added a question in Programming and Software Design   

    XHTML(5) vs HTML5
    The internet is not a place without competitions. Things such as mySQL vs Microsoft SQL, jQuery vs ASP. net and so on. For now, I'll be debating between the very popular language HTML5 and the dying XHTML5. While XHTML is dying and that there is no doubt that XHTML5 will never go beyond the ink on drafts, XHTML can be used with the HTML5 syntax thus (somewhat) making it XHTML5.
    First things first: What are the differences? Really, the answer to this is simple. The HTML5 dosen't have an 'X' and XHTML5 has  an 'X'. But what does this 'X' mean? Well, HTML5 is basically a 'Hyper Text Markup Language 5' and XHTML5 is 'Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language' allowing developers to take advantage of XML (which is where the X came from) and expand their webpage. HTML5 is very loosy when it meets errors: It does not brag about it and ruin your webpage by showing errors but instead will just render it 'as it is'. This lifts the frustration from developers when they make errors or 'cheats'. XHTML on the other hand uses a strict XML-like syntax meaning that you will have to close self-closing tags such as:
    <link href="stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet"> - HTML5 <link href="stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" /> - XHTML5 Some developers like this type of syntax as it make the webpage 'tidier' and the results will be more 'accurate' to what they predicted. The XML-like syntax and error will help developers find errors in their codes and rectrify it. However,  XHTML dosen't always work well. If you have a link like this (Youtube):
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> XHTML5 will scream about an error with the source url of the iframe as highlighted above. I don't really know why this happens, but it just happens as such that I find XHTML5 useless.
    { MORE TO COME }
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