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    Sorry for the late reply. I did as you asked. The refresh rate is set to 60Hertz by default which is the only option. 
    Opened the Intel graphics control panel and these are the settings but I don't have the option to untick the scaling. The 'Adjust desktop size and position' is missing in the nVidia control panel. I read that this is so because I have the 'nvidia optimus technology'.

    Also, there aren't any options under the 'Advanced settings' drop menu.
  2. PG0906 added an answer to a question Laptop Display not filled   

    Thank you for the response!
    Yes, I remember the first day after picking it up from the office where I handed it for installation that the screen did not have those black bars on the side and top. 5-6 days later when I turned it on something felt off. That is when I noticed it.
    I also checked the devide manager as you suggested and checked for possible update, but it said that the drivers are up to date. 

    I remembered that I installed a few games the previous days but I'm not sure how that could have caused the problem.
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    Laptop Display not filled
    Hello, everyone! This might be a stupid question, but I'll ask it. So I bought a new laptop(Lenovo G50-30 Model name: 80G0) 2 weeks ago, took it to a PC service and had Windows 8.1 64bit installed and everything was great, but a few days ago I noticed that the display is not filling the screen completely anymore. 

    I looked over the internet for a solution but didn't find one. 
    The ones I found were not exactly the problem I'm having. The resolution is set to the native res of the screen 1366x768, the scaling option is set to "Maintain display scaling".
    So does anyone know what might the cause be and a possible solution? Could it be caused by a software/driver? I know its not something of major significance but it is just very annoying to have those black lines at the edge of the screen.
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