1. The Weird Abadir

    When you are in love with someone and you are embarrassed to tell her ... is a really annoying feeling :'(
  2. NinjaMonkey

    Aaaah the surf looks great and I gotta work :'( #mylifeproblems

  3. NinjaMonkey

    I was wondering would you mind in helping me promote my new channel? It would be awesome if you did. :Dhttp://t.co/GtOuqdlsK0 Please RT

  4. The Weird Abadir

    get over there and do it ahahah :D (@YouTube http://t.co/ZK3xvhtRoe)

  5. jwesson

    just watched whole movie.....not bad (@YouTube http://t.co/SgEX1NsWK1)

  6. The Weird Abadir

    A combination of my personality ahah http://t.co/5JnHjm3PvS

  7. XaZe101

    I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/dxIyDTnjVq Thanks for 2 Million Subscribers! Dunking Video!

  8. The Weird Abadir

    So my dream was to finish school and now its over..... whats next

  9. XaZe101

    I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/opC962BoQe Man of Steel - Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer [HD]

  10. XaZe101

    Did you read this comment? (@YouTube http://t.co/unby3U0tGo)

  11. The Weird Abadir

    i want to make hooker prank calls .. it would be really fun :D

  12. XaZe101

    You can turn the 15 min thing off (@YouTube http://t.co/YN1Z73M6qQ)

  13. The Weird Abadir

    PlayStaion 2 .. we will never forget you ahah http://t.co/iL2JWEvix7

  14. The Weird Abadir

    RT for an awesome and cool SHOUT OUT ..and I follow back trust me :D

  15. jwesson

    The Rap Board - Signature catchphrases from your favorite rappers http://t.co/LiLSUXy5jb via @therapboard

  16. The Weird Abadir

    Yes finally .. my **** school is over .. aaa yes Thank god this **** hole is over

  17. jwesson

    J.Wesson (Feat TMG) - Vent Out: http://t.co/SqkPKkqXbx via @youtube

  18. The Weird Abadir

    Sometimes when you feel that you are so prepared so ready to win this thing but still fail but this doesn't mean that you should quite

  19. StraightEdgeAngel777

    Piers Morgan is still talking about guns? Give it a ******* rest. Talk about that blue man that hacking, waking and smacking in Britan